Invest in Poland: Major players in the CEE region

12th Jan 2014

Things are looking up for the property and investment market in Poland.

The transaction volume of the commercial property market in the country is set to reach a record high of €3bn in 2013 – the highest figure since 2006 as international investors have seen promise in the Eastern European country.

There have been suggestions that the markets in Asia have been overheating and that opportunities have been missed in the USA. With opportunities disappearing many investors are taking the chance to invest in the European recovery, with diversification into the CEE region.

Many investment funds are choosing to avoid investment in France, Germany and the UK, the more traditional choices, as they already have their fill in these regions and are now looking to Poland. Poland is deemed economically and politically stable when compared to countries such as Italy and Spain.

There have been around 60 large transactions in the Polish market in 2013 which compares to the usual 40-45. Levels of investment in the Polish market are 15% higher than last year and there have been some truly huge investment deals.

One of the largest property deals in Poland in the last year was the sale of the Silesia City Centre, which went for €412m in the city of Katowice and the New City office complex in Warsaw for €127m.

Money invested in Poland has come from around the globe with funds in Germany and the USA being particularly active. Asian and Middle Eastern investors have also got in on the deal with companies from Qatar and China purchasing buildings across the country, with deals recorded as early as 2011.

Logistics developers investing in Poland have avoided speculative development in Poland since 2009 looking for build-to-suit solutions instead. This has meant that the market isn’t particularly packed but rents are still kept surprisingly low.

There are concerns this affordability may change in the future as the e-commerce centre has seen space in Poland for warehousing facilities as ideal and this interest is bound to drive prices up.

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