Councils receive cash to tackle rogue landlords

27th Jan 2014

Selected councils across England have been provided with a cut of £4 million cash to tackle rogue landlords. The decision was announced by the Housing Minister on 30th December.

Twenty-three councils across England will receive varying amounts of funding and the capital is to be used solely for taking on unscrupulous landlords who are forcing tenants to live in unacceptable conditions for the sake of a profit.

Statistics suggest that more than 500 illegally-rented outhouses, nicknamed ‘beds in sheds’, have been discovered since 2011, and action has been taken against the landlords in each of these situations.

Unfortunately, the problem is far from over.

The rental sector across the UK has grown in recent months, and the Housing Minister asserts that the majority of tenants are happy with their homes. Unfortunately there are still many rogue landlords, dubbed ‘unscrupulous Scrooges’ by the Minister, who seem to pay no heed to the poor condition of their properties to rent.

There is hope that this incentive will help the areas selected but will also raise the overall standard of rentable property across England.

Unscrupulous landlords in many council areas from Bolton to Sheffield may find themselves being investigated and taken to court as the funding has been paid out.

The future of the English rental market is set to change in a number of ways according to the Housing Minister.

Measures to tackle rogue landlords are included in a much larger package of proposals to allow England’s private tenants a safe, secure and affordable home. Tenants across the country should also feel justified and confident in their right to demand better standards of living and property management.

All letting and property management agents will also be required to join a redress scheme by October 2014. There are still 3,000 unaccounted-for agents at present; these need to decide where they sit when it comes to providing security and a fair deal for their tenants.

Once an agent is a member of a scheme, tenants will then have the ability to ensure complaints about hidden fees and poor service are thoroughly investigated and, where upheld, met with appropriate compensation.

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