Online property commercial and overseas report November 2013

11th Dec 2013

November has seen varying rates in of interest in relation to commercial and overseas properties at NetMovers. Although the rate of enquiries in relation to commercial and overseas properties rose during October, the annual pre-Christmas slump has stalled this growth over November.

While the number of page views in relation to commercial properties rose by 3.05% in November, the number of commercial property enquiries fell by 19.30%. It seems, therefore, that although people have not made as many enquiries this month, the interest in the sector is continuing to grow and this may continue throughout December and into next year.

There has been slightly less interest in overseas properties than there was last month, with page views dropping by just 2.87%. There was also a modest drop of 5.95% in relation to the number of unique visitors viewing overseas properties online. The most significant drop came in relation to the number of enquiries regarding overseas properties which fell by 75.00% during November. However, considering the number of overseas property enquiries rose by 71.43% in October, this fall is not as significant as it may first appear.

As the economic climate continues to put pressure on businesses, it seems that some directors and shareholders may still be hesitant to take on new commercial properties but the increase in page views and unique visitors is indicative of increasing interest within the sector.

NetMovers Sales Director, Avais Sarwar, commented on the figures, saying:

“Following the substantial increase in overseas property enquiries last month, we were expecting to see a drop in the number of enquiries throughout November. Although the rate of overseas property enquires has fallen considerably throughout this month, the rate of page views and unique visitors has only dropped slightly which highlights the fact that there is still significant interest in the market.

“Similarly, the number of enquiries in relation to commercial properties has also fallen in November but the interest in this part of industry is clearly evident from the increase in page views and unique visitors. As companies continue to recover from the tough economic climate, we may see more businesses enquiring about and taking on new commercial properties in the New Year.”

Summary of NetMovers data for November

Sales enquiries down by 6.52%
Rental Enquiries down by 20.08%
Overseas Enquiries down by 19.30%
Commercial Enquiries down by 75.00%
Page visits down by 7.28%
Visits down by 2.01%
Unique visitors down by 3.15%

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